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It is pretty easy to understand manufacturers' qualms when it comes to the subject of plugging their tires. With such a wide variety of repair methods used, the quality of repairs ends up being totally out of their control. No wonder their officials stance is " don't do it "!


Here at Motorcare we fix repairable tubeless tires using a special plug available only from Tech, a world leader in tire repair techniques. This special type of plug was originally designed to permanently seal injuries to the sidewalls of radial tires. That's a pretty tall order, but it does the job well. Wonder product or not, guidelines are still used when deciding whether to repair or replace.



You need to be able to answer yes to the statements below for a safe tubeless tire repair

Keep in mind that you have one shot at a suitable repair. If you have used an aerosol Fix-a-Flat, or some type of retail plug, such as the commonly available tree-sap plugs; you've taken your one shot. A new tire is in order. Don't compromise your safety by attempting a second repair.

Tire has not been ridden on while flat  
No other repair attempts have been made to injury
Hole is in tread area
Hole is basically straight into tire, not at an angle
Hole is round, and rubber is not split or slotted
Object is not unusually long
The punctured tire has at least 50% of its tread depth left
The tire is less than 5 years old by DOT dating on sidewall


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