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When a motorcycle rider confronts the his bike's tires with tire gauge in hand, his mind should focus on an entire checklist of items.

Just developing a regular routine of checking air pressure develops a baseline from which undetected problems can be recognized. Around 20 percent of the tubeless tires that we change for wornout tread had some sort of embedded object in the carcass that has at least the potential of causing air leakage; or even has been leaking air pressure without drawing the riders attention. Today's motorcycle's make it pretty tough to actually check the entire circumference of the tires without having to go through some awkward gyrations. It might be a pain to do a thorough inspection, but it really needs to be done for your safety.

As long as you're down there, here's a short check list of things to look for and at.


  1. Tire pressure
  2. Tread depth
  3. Even tread wear
  4. Any sidewall cracking
  5. Foreign object in tire
  6. Inspect the tread area, especially at the bottom of the tread blocks, for any cracking of the rubber
  7. Any obvious bubbles in the tread, or unusual tread wear in a small area that can indicate tread separation

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