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Buying a used motorcycle in today's market is a pretty tough thing to do. The hundreds of thousands of new bikes that were sold in in the early 1980's are nowhere to be found. They're still out there, but tucked away in garages and sheds, collecting dust. Because the Kansas area isn't suitable for year-round riding, having the desire to sell and nice enough weather to do so can be a fickle thing.

What this means for a prospective buyer is that patience and is required. It is doubtful that a good deal on a used motorcycle will fall into your lap. Keeping a watchful eye on the classifieds in not only our local paper, but also both the Kansas City and Topeka papers increases your selection numbers. Also The Trading Post, a weekly paper, can be a good source for cheaper, older bikes. Your best chance for success is to make sure time is on your side. Try not to rush the purchase process. Give yourself a chance to do some research on the bike you are thinking of buying.





Although we do not buy or sell motorcycles, our knowledge of good and bad brands, models, and years, is free for the asking. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Is it is a lot more fun for us to see you spend your hard earned money on routine maintenance and worth while accessories then unexpected repairs to a type of the bike prone to problems.

When you find a bike that catches your eye, either bring it by or arrange to have it brought by. I'll be glad to take a few minutes to look it over. Between that, and possibly a quick ride down the street, I can give to you pretty much everything that you need to know to make a smart purchase decision. Free, quick, and honest.


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