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Prepping Your Bike for Summer


Fuel System



Make sure the battery water is topped off; charge if unsure of its current state. Reinstall and tighten terminal bolts just enough to make good connection

An engine needs three things to run:
Fuel,Compression,and Spark

Unless your bike has fallen victim to a problem not directly caused by the care (lack of) given it, the last two above needs are still in place come Spring. Be prepared to zero in on the fuel system. The gas in the tank itself may not smell or have gone bad, but you can be assured that any fuel sitting in the lines and carbs is bad and needs to be flushed out. Find the drain screws at the bottom of the carb bowls and use them to drain the old fuel out.. Skip this step in your eagerness to get on the road and you may end up paying the piper to the tune of carb work at a repair shop.


The best time to have fresh oil in your engine is over the off-season storage period. This helps keep harmful acids from forming and causing damage. The next best time is when pulling a bike out of storage. The phrase fresh start applies just fine to oil also!

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