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What Kind of a Maintenance Schedule Should You Use Anyway?

Routine maintenance on a motorcycle can really be divided into two parts. The first part, which must always be performed, is done yearly. The second part is performed by mileage ridden during the year.

Yearly/Seasonal Maintenance

During the Season Maintenance

  • Oil and Filter Change (if only done once that year, it is best done in Fall).
  • Thorough < inspection of tires (tread depth,checking or cracking of sidewalls and tread,uneven tread wear).
  • Regular oil changes using a motorcycle specific oil. Recommend every 3-4000 miles, oil filter included.
  • Weekly inspection of controls for proper freeplay, check tire pressures; and if chain drive check slack and lubricate.
  • Use the maintenance schedule in the owners manual as a further guide to ensure you check things that may be unique to that bike.

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