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Motorcycle chains, whether they are O-ring chains or not, need to be lubricated at least once every other tank-full of gas. The best time to do this somewhat messy but necessary task is when you're done riding for the day. Put the bike up on its centerstand ,(hopefully for you it has one), and spray the lube on the lower run of chain. Pay close attention so that when you are spraying it on the inside roller portion of the chain you get enough on so that it is able to penetrate inside where it will do the most good.

Follow this up by spraying both outer side plates of the chain. After you have done this take a rag and while slowly turning the rear wheel wipe down the outside areas of the chain. This helps insure that you have applied enough lube to penetrate where it will do the most good, and yet once you go riding the excess won't make a a big mess.


My recommended chain lube
Bel-Ray Chain Lube
(No, not the Super Clean type)





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